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WK 1 D14, F23, I35, I37, J40

WK 6 H29

WK 8 K43

WK12 G27

WK 13 K43

WK 14 F23, G26, H28, H30, H33, J39, J40, K42, K43, K44

WK 15 H31, J41

WK 16 G26

WK 17 C13, D15, F22, G24, G25, G27, I35, J41, 

WK 20 F21, F23, H32, J40, J41, K43, K44

WK21 C10, C12, F22, G25, G27, I35, J38, J40

WK 22 F23, G24, I35

WK 23 G25, J39

WK 24 D16, K42

WK 26 H31, J39

WK 27 F21, J40

WK 28 D15, G26, H33, I34, I37, K44

WK 29 C10, F23, I36

WK 30 D15, F23, 

WK 31 C13, E16, G24, H29, H32, K44

WK 33 C13, H33, I36, K43, K44

WK 34 C13, J39, K43

WK 35 D14, F21, H32, I34, J38,

WK 36 C11, C12, D16, H28, J38, J41,

WK 37 C10, C11, C12, D15, G27, I36, K44

WK 38 C11, F22, G25, G26, I35, J39,

WK 39 C10, F21, G24, H28, H31, J40

WK 40 C13, D15, F23, G25, H28, H29, H30, I34, I37,

WK 41 C12, C13, D15, F22, G27, H29, H31, I37, K44

WK 42 C10, C13, E15, G25, G26, G27, J41,

WK 43 C13, D16, G25, G26, G27, H31, H33

WK 46 C10, C11, D15, G25, H28, H32, J38

WK 47 D15, D16, F21, F22, G26, K43

WK 48 C13, D14, F22, G24, H28, H29, H31, J39, K42

WK 49 F21, G24, G25, G27, H31, I34, I35,

WK 50 C10, C11, D14, K42, K43


Please contact the CJC front office for pricing and more information – 435-649-0370