Parking Information

Every unit has a heated garage and a driveway for your convenience. Please do not block access to any resort areas or facilities. Keep entry ways clear and clean so that others may come and go as desired.

Parking must be limited to your garage and driveway or the two parking lots near the Clubhouse (one on the east side and one on the west – please refer to your resort map, or contact the office with questions). Owners and guests are not allowed to park on the streets or in other units’ driveways and especially not in front of other homes in the area.

Notice: Parking on the streets from November 1st-May 1st is illegal in this area due to the winter weather and frequent need to plow the roads. If you park on the street, CJC will not be responsible for any tickets you may receive or damage that may occur to your vehicle. We cannot dig your vehicle out if it is buried in snow on the street. We strongly recommend utilizing your garage or driveway, or one of our parking lots.